I have worked in several hotels in Orlando, but they were all dumps. So I'm going to review the ones that are decent. If they have a website its linked to their name.

If you have chosen to ignore everything you've already seen on this site, then at least take my advice here. While you can get reasonable service from some hotels in Orlando, you need to stay at a Disney hotel if you are going to visit some of the Disney theme Parks. The most impressive features that all Disney Hotels share is the extra hours at Disney theme Parks available only to guests, and assorted Disney Package deliveries and money organizers. Disney will open the doors of certain theme parks early and close late for guests at their Disney Resorts no matter which one. So your family will get special treatment and shorter lines before and after the park publicly operates. The money and package services include using a special Disney Card that you have money allocated to and will have all purchases transferred directly to your room. You won't have to carry your purchases all day and they will be at your room when you return later that day.

Disney All Star Sports Hotel

Disney All Star Sports ResortFor the cheapest cost of any Disney Hotel, go to the Disney All Star Sports Hotel. This hotel specializes in an affordable Disney room, which still gets the same perks as other Disney Resorts, and also has a comfortable Sports theme to every room. With priority booking, you can get proximity to all of Disney's amenities and parks, but with the regular room you still get an alright view of the area. But don't worry about being way out of the area if you don't purchase priority because it is a Disney Orlando Resort and is already very near Walt Disney World. You are also offered a free shuttle service to and from the Disney Theme Parks.

4 Stars (out of 5)

Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Disney Grand Floridian Resort and SpaThe Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is actually a hub for many of the athletic and relaxing assets of the Disney Hotels. Here, many sports lessons, and equipment can be requested by Disney Guests. It is also home to a full Spa which is popular enough to warrant guests commenting on how much they enjoyed it. I would say it was pretty good and caters to everything you could want. I also can't complain about the trainers or service. If you are a tennis enthusiast in particular, you can ask for both racquets and tennis lessons while you spend a couple days at any of the nearby Disney Resorts.

4 Stars (out of 5)

Disney Saratoga Spring Resort and Spa

Disney Saratoga Springs ResortUnlike the previous two hotels, the Disney Saratoga Spring Resort and Spa is a Disney Villa Resort. Each room has it's own full kitchen and separate living and sleeping areas. This is a home away from home layout. The only downfall is that it is obviously more expensive than the other options. Sure you get all the same services, and way more room than either the Value or Deluxe rooms, but if you can't spend the extra on a Villa suite, you should stay with the cheaper alternatives. If you can spend the money to ensure a fun, relaxing, and family accessible vacation, you certainly should try to book a Saratoga Spring Resort.

5 Stars (out of 5)

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