Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty on Murder Charges

Casey Anthony as the verdict is read in court The verdict came in on one of the most high profile cases of the year today, July 5th 2011 at 2:15 PM Eastern time. Casey Anthony was found to be "not guilty" on three of seven charges in her case including first degree murder, manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse. She was found guilty of providing false information to law enforcement officers, for the last three charges. It seems that circumstantial evidence was the big factor in the verdict. Maybe there was not enough concrete evidence to send this woman to death, but if you ask the population of the United States, there may have been more than enough evidence.

Now here's what I'm wondering. If you have evidence such as the plethora of lies and made up people (by Casey Anthony herself), the bag which Caylee was dumped in which comes in a set of two (which happened to be missing from the Anthony household), and a blanket found with the body that matched the entire theme of Caylee's room (also taken from the house), wouldn't that be enough to say, "yeah…she definitely had something to do with this mess"? Many people across the country think so, and they are not pleased with the United States justice system at the moment. In fact, a lot of people are saying they have never been more turned off by the system.

The interesting thing is that our judicial system has been sculpted to protect us, the people, from false imprisonment and even being convicted of capital murder without the appropriate evidence. The system has evolved ever since its inception and continues to do so, but it is not perfect. The ones at fault here are attorneys seeking fame and wealth instead of justice. Attorneys not prepared for their cases, not fulfilling the burden of proof or even going about their case in the proper manner. This case seemed pretty cut and dry, at least for aggravated manslaughter and or child abuse; however, if she was not found guilty of murder then she must not have been involved at all.

The thing is, we won't ever know what happened, and an appointed jury has already deliberated the case so the only justice left for poor Caylee Anthony is the justice within Karma. Hopefully Karma doesn't take its justice quickly. Hopefully Karma kicks Casey's ass slowly and to the point of madness…if she did it.

Regardless of all that, Casey Anthony, you effing SUCK!

Boycot Orlando - Hacker Attack

Hacker claiming to be a Food not Bombs supporter attacks Orlando websites A hacker hit Orlando Chamber of Commerce and Universal Orlando websites early Monday morning, June 20th, 2011. The hacker claimed to be part of the charity group Food not Bombs, a charity that serves meals to the homeless. A city ordinance has limited the distribution of these meals to only two events per year, which is ridiculous considering tons of food is wasted every day. Apparently, this hacker does not agree with the ordinance and wanted to set an example. He bombed the city's Chamber of Commerce site, including the emails of workers for the Chamber with emails boycotting the city of Orlando. The campaign dubbed Operation Orlando asks supporters to bomb the emails of city workers with messages boycotting the city. The campaign's website displayed a message which clearly stated, "…Apparently the City of Orlando is just not getting the message that this behavior is simply un-acceptable in a free society." The message depicts the distaste for the city officials who fail to see the importance of Food not Bombs' actions in the community to those who need the help.

Now, this is not on because we think these hackers suck. The message is quite clear in our eyes: Other people think Orlando sucks too, simply stated. On another note, I just finished eating lunch and can't eat the other half of this extra large pizza…might as well toss it as a FnB event is nowhere close to today's date.

Casey Anthony Trial Brawl

Young lady chucking deuces of death at Casey Anthony Trial Ladies and gentleman, here's the fight you have all been waiting for! In one corner, you have a giant man in the niftiest pinstripe shirt I have ever seen; in the other corner, a tattooed cutie half his size. This little brawl started outside of the Orange County courthouse early Friday morning, June 17th. These pent up murder trial observers were lined up all night in anticipation of the defense's second day at bat. Emotions and that Orlando "I ain't takin' no mess" attitude were running hot this morning when two men just started cutting in line. A gentleman and his young lady friend were calmly waiting in line at the Orange County Courthouse waiting for the doors to open to the greatest show in Orlando, apparently. Orange County has been allowing the public first hand access to the Casey Anthony trial being held at the courthouse. Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee by applying chloroform and duct tape to the child's nose and mouth. If convicted on First-Degree Murder, she could be sentenced to death…

Enough about that, let's get into this fight, shall we? As spectators lined up Friday morning, they were surprised to see two gentlemen trying to cut in line. When confronted, these wrestling superstar wanna-be douch-a-holics began throwing punches and putting people in headlocks. It was a tattooed blonde who stole the show Friday morning who was caught on film punching her guy friend out of a headlock. The image to the left displays the woman apparently "chucking the deuces of death" at the man who ultimately let her friend go.

Thats Some Doo Doo

Home in Orlando found filled with feces and urine A woman and her husband were arrested on Tuesday after nearly 20 flea-infested Great Danes were seized and officials said they found the living room of their Central Florida home covered in feces, 10 inches of feces to be exact! Patricia and Mason Rust of Lakeland were charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty between the both of them. An investigation on the couple began when a member of the Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay had received a dog in very poor condition. The Great Dane she took custody of could barely walk and was very malnourished according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Deputies arrived at the home of Patricia and Mason Rust a short time later to find 10 Great Danes locked in the home where the floors were covered in feces and urine. The piles of feces reached heights of ten inches in some spots and the scent of ammonia from the urine was so potent, it was hard to even breathe in the home. A total of 19 Great Danes were seized from a number of locations which were all owned by the couple. The animals were flea infested and in dire need of medical examination.

So there you have it. If you're looking for a dog sitter, I would imagine old Pat and Mason Rust are the go-to guys! I mean, if you're dog is overweight and WAY too clean, bring them on over to the Rust house and set yourself up an appointment! It is beyond anyone within reason how two individuals could withstand the stench of the air in that house. It must be a new look they are going for…old weathered pee and poo flooring from Great Dane Co. Great Dane Co. flooring: "Once you've walked in and seen the floors, you won't ever be able to get the smell out of your nose!"

Chocolate Loving Bugs

Maggots on several bars of Hershey chocolate An Orlando woman decides one day to head over to her local Chevron gas station for a quick snack. She picks up a Hershey's chocolate bar with almonds and pictures nothing but sweet goodness; what she finds in the chocolate bar, however, is anything but sweet and appetizing. Kaley Pitman of Orlando was craving the sweet goodness of that Hershey's chocolate. She bought a bar and left to enjoy it. When she opened the package, she found maggots crawling around in the chocolate. They had begun eating the chocolate inside of the wrapper. Pitman was immediately sick to her stomach at the sight of these larvae eating her outdated purchase. She then grabbed her camera and filmed herself going to the store to purchase the whole box of chocolate bars. When she opened them, she found maggots on all of the bars in the box. She then returned to the store to complain and get her money back. The store clerk did not believe her until he saw her video footage.

When confronted by Eyewitness News, the store clerk stated he had hired an exterminator. Hershey's stated that problems like this tend to happen during distribution or storage, which is a likely story from the candy producing superpower. The distributor of the candy stated that the store has had an infestation of bugs for over a year prior to the incident. The oddest thing about this occurrence is that all of these SEALED packages of candy were infested with the little crawlies, which to me screams out MANUFACTURER; however, everyone seems to be pointing the finger at the store and the store owner, who was selling this candy three months after the expiration date.

When asked about her motives by Eyewitness News, she stated that she called a lawyer but she was looking out for other people, another likely story, sarcastically speaking of course. She probably smelled the mouthful of ill she had produced in her creepy crawly adventure, and those fumes were transformed into the smell of a settlement. Here's to you oh protector of Orlando chocolate lovers. You may be looking out for number two, but make sure number one can buy that new flat screen TV first…

Remember Kids, Drugs Are Bad

First year Titusville elementary school teacher grows pot A first year elementary school teacher in Titusville was charged with the growth and manufacturing of marijuana and served two years probation according to court records. Heather Ovalles was charged with manufacturing marijuana when police visited her home to question her about an ex-boyfriend who went on a shooting rampage at the Great Outdoors RV Park and Golf Resort in Titusville. Shawn Creamer tried to confront another ex-girlfriend living in the park when he shot and killed her friend and a security guard who responded to the commotion at the home. Ovalles was not connected to the shooting at all, in fact, three firearms in her home which were found during the investigation into her grow operation were determined to belong to her ex, the mad gunman. Another bit of luck for Miss Ovalles was that a conviction would not sit on her record due to this being her first offence. This is definitely a lucky break for her and her future emotionally handicapped kindergarten students at whichever school she decides to apply for.

When police arrived at the home of Heather Ovalles to question her about her ex who went on a shooting rampage, they came to find an elaborate grow house operation complete with special lighting, ventilation systems, and 56 marijuana plants. Heather will not have a conviction on her record; however, she was fired from her job at the Titusville elementary school. If she was convicted with the full Monte, she would have served 5 years in prison.

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