Well I couldn't leave out the jobs in Orlando, Florida; I couldn't because they suck pretty bad too. Thousands of people move here every year with stars in their eyes hoping to work at the Orlando theme parks. What I really mean is Disney, I don't recall ever seeing anyone with stars in their eyes wanting to work at Universal. The bottom line is working at Disney gets old REAL QUICK. Disney pays almost nothing and the hours will KILL YOU. They expect you to work constantly even if you work there part time?! The tourists (Disney wants you to call them "guests") will treat you like crap, and you will make a whopping $6.35 an hour. Even with all that hundreds of people enter the Disney casting center every day looking for a Disney job?

Disney College Program

Disney College program offering Central Florida tons of jobs...If you have stumbled across my page because you are coming here for the Disney College Program let me fill you in. You will be living in Vista Way which is a ratty old apartment complex that should have been torn down years ago. Disney is going to take 75% of each check for "rent" while you are here. You will be packed in a 3 bedroom apartment with 5 other "CPs". Yes you heard me right, 2 people per bedroom in the smallest beds you have ever seen. You better work all your hours or your check could be "0" or NEGATIVE!

If you are here during the 3 month term that runs through the holidays your in for a special treat, not only will you work around the clock but you will witness people crying in the "tunnels" of the Magic Kingdom because they have never been away from their families before at Christmas. The only "upside" to your whole stay here is that Vista Way is basically a modern "Sodom and Gomorrah", with drunken parties every night and sex between people who have known each other for 5 minutes. If your a parent reading this and your son/daughter is going to be in this program I really don't know what to tell you.. I have witnessed this stuff first hand, this is not speculation. To be fair a lot of people who have been through it must have LOVED it because they move here and go to work at Disney full time. If you google it you can find a LOT of pages of people who can't talk about any thing BUT the college program.. they were probably the drunk ones having sex the whole time.

The hotels and restaurants are the same way.. no pay and grueling work. You will at least have REAL benefits working for one of them. No point in making friends though.. everyone you work with will quit or be fired with in a week. They quit because they find some place that will pay them .05 more an hour, or offers a free sandwich per shift.

Disney Cast Speak - For Beginners

  • Cast: The over-worked and underpaid staff.
  • Guest: The rude tourists that are going to abuse you.
  • On Stage: In public view. Don't scratch your groin or pick your nose.
  • Costume: The ridiculous clothes that you will be wearing (normally bedazzled and loaded with sequins).
  • ER: You get to go home early and cry yourself to sleep...
  • Doubleback: You come back to work without even having 8 hours between the two shifts.
  • The Tunnels: The tunnels under Magic Kingdom. They are dark, dreary, and smell like old sewage from the trash water that leaks out of the "AVAC" pipes.

Timeshare Tour Call Center

Timeshare tour call center jobs are the worst! What could possibly be worse than getting pestered by your children to go to Disney World and the other Orlando Florida attractions over and over and over again? I mean, they are relentless! They pester you when you wake up, they'll call you while you're at work, they'll even hit you up at dinner. God forbid you'd like to sleep through an entire night after your long, arduous day at work; they will even get you at bed time! Yeah, it doesn't really seem like there is anything worse than that…except maybe some total stranger doing it over the phone. Yeah, I think that beats it by a long stretch!

See, there are companies out there that love purchasing resorts. They fix these resorts up and make them look attractive. They'll stock them up with goodies like a pool and an outdated arcade and try to sell shares of time out of them by the week. You buy a room and have yourself a merry place to stay that is "yours" for the week. Then it becomes somebody else's abode for a week, so on and so forth. So these companies need people to sell these weeks, but before the people who sell the weeks can even have a chance to sell them, they need a modern day hunter/gatherer to come out of the woodwork (or phone lines) and get people down to stay at the resort.

Poor timeshare tour call center agent, you probably got sucked in with the promise of tons of money in the form of sale commissions and bonuses. Maybe it was all the hoopla going on in the sales room while you were being interviewed by the jovial, large breasted woman with the seductive smile. The banter of all the agents fired up about their passion for timeshare tour sales coupled with the loud bell that seemed to ring every few minutes followed by cheers from what sounded like a Florida Gators game really got you pumped! Now you've got the job and the bell doesn't ring anymore, people seem like they're having a bad Monday everyday, and the jovial large-chested woman is replaced by an old miser of a war vet who loves to crush walnuts between his fist and the desktop. This is not what you signed up for.

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