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In the summer months you can count on rain almost every day, not a lot.. just enough to ruin a vacation or two. When it's not raining the temperature is about 92 degrees. Perfect if you want to cook a Chihuahua in an 84 Honda Civic.. but not good for much else. Oh and did I mention that when it DOESN'T rain the forest is ALWAYS going to be on fire somewhere and the air will be full of smoke for weeks at a time? We have to smell that stink EVERY summer. Did we learn nothing from Smoky the Bear?

During hurricane season we can count on one tropical storm after another in the gulf. They are frequent enough to cause long lines at the gas station at least once a week.. and I'm afraid to even buy frozen food anymore. When we had those three hurricanes back to back they were handing out "food stamp" credit cards at the Orlando convention center because so many people lost all their food! That is not a joke, it's the truth.

If your reading this and thinking of moving here YOUR NUTS! During our "winter" it will be 35 one day and 80 the next.. that's REAL convenient. This is the only state I have lived in where I have to step outside to see if I need a long coat or a speedo to go shopping!

Florida Hurricane Damage

Orlando, Florida is famous for the tourists, the epic cheese factor of most major attractions, traffic, crime, and very sporadic weather. Most of the time the humidity will make someone feel like they just got showered, dressed, smelling nice, and then right into a hot bath as soon as they step outside. Good times! During what we call "hurricane season" we are under a watchful eye making sure that the level 1 storms don't turn into Hurricane Andrew, Ivan, or Charlie before they make their way to our shores then through us like a wall of linemen ready to smash a quarterback. The weather around this time is muggy, rainy, hot, and unbearable. There is no escape, unless you are riding around or sitting in air conditioning for the entire day. Once you go outside, you're into the hot bath.

Here we have a small collection of hurricane damage photos to show what living on or visiting the peninsula may be like during hurricane season, which runs from the beginning of June until the end of October.

Wind gusts from Hurricane Andrew in 1992 Homes destroyed during 1992's Hurricane Andrew Huge areas of residential space were taken out by Hurricane Andrew's force A 7-11 gas station lost huge parts of their building during Hurricane Charlie Hurricane Charlie destroys downtown Punta Gorda, Florida Power line poles split in half under the force of Hurricane Charlie Hurricane Ivan destroys South Florida A car is burried in the surf after Hurricane Ivan Hurricane Ivan takes out a Florida resort like it was made out of mud!
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